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 ZAHIR, Remus Aidan, The Mastermind
Remus Aidan Zahir
 Posted: Sep 28 2012, 10:49 AM
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The Mastermind

"Never assume that the obvious is true, because the truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Remus Aidan Zahir
Nicknames Rem, Remy/Remmy/Reemy/Reemie, Aidan, Lupin, Wolf
Birthday April 15
Birthplace Rome, Italy
Age Sixteen
School You Attend Masterson Preparatory
Current Grade Junior
Height 6'3"
Build Tall and Athletic
Distinguishing Features Remus is tall, fit and with evenly tanned skin. He likes to keep himself presentable, but in his own comfortable sense of fashion - nothing too stuffy or uppity like what his brother tends to wear. His dark brown hair is usually strewn about his head in a mess - often called "sex hair" or "hair porn" for those who like to tease him about being lazy with it. Because of his Middle Eastern and Japanese heritage, he inheirted the dark eyes from his parents - a rich brown so dark that they are often mistaken for black. Though he isn't a fan of body hair, Remus gets a little lazy sometimes and lets a little bit of a 5 O'clock shadow form - but it never makes it to the end of the day before getting shaved off. He also has a light dust of freckles on his chest. Like his brother, he also has a Middle Eastern tribal band tattoo, but on his right bicep, opposite his brother. It was the first tat they got together. The second one, located on his left shoulder, is a celtic wolf's head. His last one, a tribal sun & moons (different from his brother's), is located on his back between his shoulder blades and just a few inches below the nape of his neck.
Playby Francisco Lachowski


The Interview

Oh hell, it always comes down to this, doesn't it? Well, I have an older twin brother and, as you could probably already guess, our parents named us after the twins from Roman lore, Romulus and Remus. Our middle names are of Irish descent, which is kinda ridiculous seeing as neither of our parents are Irish in any shape, form or fashion. If you want my opinion, I think they did it because they wanted their kids to have the initials "R.A.Z." because they're weird like that. Then again, this is coming from the guy whose dad's name is "Wicked." No, I'm not kidding. That's his real name. ...why are you looking at me like that?

My childhood? Well, from what Dad's told us, we come from what people like to call "old money." Blue bloods, all that crap. Even though we were born in Rome, Italy, Rom and I grew up in Las Vegas - yeah, Sin City boy! Dad's what you call a "business manager" of sorts and he runs several hotels, an arena, and a strip joint that's pretty poppin' from what I hear. Anyway, out of all the hotels, Dad runs and owns the Bellagio, which is where we lived and grew up for the most part. Mom's a professional dance choreographer and is usually flying out from Vegas to LA to New York and back again. We also have a couple of Villas in Italy and Greece for the hell of it. Dad and Mom like to go back every once in a while - whatever. Our parents still live in Vegas after they decided to send us up to Chicago to attend Masterson's so Rom and I live in a penthouse suite in the James Chicago Hotel so, basically, the top four floors including the loft all belong to us to do as we please.

Again, we didn't have a want for anything, really. Did that basic crap that all the rich kids do: equestrian stuff, sports, fencing, piano/music lessons, art classes and going to all those ritzy dinner parties to fraternize with all the other young rich kids of our social standing. Along with wealth, we were blessed with brains. Romulus has always been good with numbers and me? Well, I've always been good with electronics - doesn't matter what they're hooked up to or what they operate. I just...get them. Does that make any sense? Rom swears that I have technopathy or some shit. I wish. But yeah, I'm pretty good with my hands.

I like living life in the fast lane? I'm all about the dangerous stuff where Rom really isn't. I want to go wall climbing and he'll want to read a book. I like parkour, he likes to crunch numbers. I don't know. I love my brother but he can be a bit strange. I'm pretty active, always on the go, so early morning work-outs and runs before class are my thing. I'm usually on the computer whenever I get done with whatever I have to do for the day inside and out of school. I like music, period. Just about anything I can freerun to is a plus. that it I wonder? Well, whatever.

I hate brown-nosers. I freaking hate them. We got enough of those trashy people back in Vegas and almost got the same crap when we moved here from some of the other nameless faces (and faceless names) at Masterson. I don't give a damn if you don't like me, but at least man the fuck up and say you don't. Don't go around talkin' shit about me behind my back and then smile in my face about it later or suck up to me. I'm not the greatest guy in the world, but at least I'm honest. Especially to the ladies. I also can't stand it when people just waste money, like that shit grows on trees or something. Just because I can wipe my ass with Benjamins doesn't mean I'm gonna be stupid enough to do it. Oh, and cheating. That shit just doesn't work no matter what way you slice that cake. I may flirt and move from one girl to the next, but I'll never cheat on her if we're a thing. I hate grape jam - it's nasty and it looks weird.

A girl who can make me laugh, my god if that doesn't get me excited. I'm not talkin' about that boy chuckle I do that makes the girls start to blush. I mean, really make me laugh. Reason is is because I look like a damn fool when I laugh and if I'm comfortable enough to drop my cool face and look the fool, then you're alright with me. Legs and hair and curves. Jesus. Skinny girls these days don't understand what it is about a woman with shape that just gets me weak. I want to be able to have something to grab on to, to run my fingers through, and to wrap around my waist. ...sorry, what was that? I got lost checking out those awesome hips of yours. My bad. Intelligence is good - can't stand dumb girls. They may be pretty to look at, but I get bored with them pretty easily. A girl who is honest and has confidence are pluses in my book as well. Gotta love a girl who can not only talk, but show me what she's working with.

Ratchet girls. They're loud, classless, and have no shame about what they do and/or don't do. This includes Gold-diggers. I know I didn't work for my status and wealth, but my parents provide for me and I'll be damned if anyone's just going to take that from me or my family. Disloyalty. Some girls like to play these mind games and try to make a man weak for her, but I got news for you: that's not what I'm about. If you just want a physical thing, then say so. If you want emotion tied with it, be upfront. Don't test the waters with me. I hate exams as it stands. Oh, and forewarning, I'm not the nice twin by any means. Romulus may be the gentleman, but I'm not. If a girl is getting crazy, vulgar, insulting me, my family or anyone close to me, I won't hesitate to slap the hell out of them. In fact, I pretty much will destroy the foundation on which they stand on.

I smoke. I drink. I have more sex than I probably should and I smoke weed. I have no issues of being blunt and saying what's on my mind and if you take offense, oh fucking well. I think I'm a little manipulative. I don't mean to be. At least not with Rom. But he just keeps falling right into my traps and I just keep right on setting them.

I'm scared I'm going to wake up and be a woman. Or rather, I'm going to wake up and my penis will be gone. Not even castrated just... I'll be a real life Ken doll.

Single. Singles. I love sex, yes, love it. Not looking for anything too serious at the moment, but if it happens to come my way, I certainly won't say no. I should give the relationship thing a spin again sometime. Hope she can keep up.

Go to college? Help my brother with the family business? I don't freaking know. It's a little too early to be talking about that sorta thing. I mean, really? Can't I just live my life like a regular teenager ought to? Why can't I just do what I want without career counselors at the school breathing down my neck about what I want to do with my life?

Secrets? Ha! Like I have anything to hide? Anyone who knows about the Zahir name knows exactly what they need to and that's that. Psh, secrets... gimme a break. Though, does being the schemer/mastermind behind the creation of an illegally run website that showcases underground pit fights where memberships are paid for and bets are placed on the brutal beat-downs considered a secret? My brother didn't really want to have anything to do with it, but since I roped him into it, he's the one in charge of all the money that cycles in and out and I maintain the upkeep up the webpage as well as scouting for new fighters. Rom and I have made a successful business venture of this for a little over a year now with no signs of it stopping or losing money.

I think it's hilarious as hell! What's life without a little drama. What did Shakespeare say? Oh yeah! All the world's a stage and some shit like that? Well, I think that while we're in high school and we actually give a damn about what people think, it's just funny to see people squirm over stupid gossip. And if SS has anything to say about me, they can go right ahead. I'll eat it right up and just encourage him even more. My brother's a different story altogether... But I can't speak for him, though.

Anytime, sweetheart. So, is it my turn to get a little personal with you yet?

Out Of Character

Name: Kia
Gender / Age: 25
Contact Info: PM or AIM: edenfaexero
Other Characters: Collin Tatum Yates, Roslyn Elizabeth Hudson and Jacqueline Rei Asano
User Title: The Mastermind

"Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game."
Das Staniel
 Posted: Oct 6 2012, 07:10 PM
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The Bad Cop

"The eagle suffers little birds to sing."


to masterson prep
Welcome to Chicago and congratulations on becoming a Masterson Shark! Don't forget to claim your face and any club or sport positions you'd like. We hope you enjoy your time spent with us, and as always, your secret's safe with me.
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