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 The Rules
Secret Safe
 Posted: Jun 19 2012, 04:10 PM
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The Secret Keeper

"Camouflage is a game we all like to play, but our secrets are as surely revealed by what we want to seem to be as by what we want to conceal."


Code of Conduct

Welcome to Secret Safe, and thanks for your interest in our site! Here are the rules about our site, and feel free to browse around the site or contact the Secret Safe account with any and all questions.

Gossip Column
IC Cbox
OOC Cbox


There is no limit to how many characters you can have, so long as you manage to remain active. By our site standards, "active" means posting at least once every two weeks, which is the minimum for any player. There is also a five-post minimum to obtain a new character; this is for each new character, which means for your third character, you are required five posts from both your first account and second account for a total of ten. This rule does not apply to the characters with us before the opening date for this new site.

Please register with the character's First, Middle and Last name, with proper grammatical capitalization - for example "John Robert Doe". This is fixable by the admins, but please try to get it right the first time for our sake. if you need to change it for any reason, there is an option in the user CP to fix it, found here, but an admin is required to approve any and all changes.

Any account that is created but doesn't have a WIP application posted within 14 days will be deleted.


CURRENT RESTRICTIONS We are currently not accepting any sets of twins or further Harvard students. All Ivy League enrollment must be approved by staff.

While we would prefer you to pick up one of the many pre-made canons found in the yearbook, you are more than welcome to make your own character. When making an OC, there are some special things to consider. First, look at the character ratios, are they really out of balance? If the staff feels that there are too many in one certain area, approval of your application may be delayed. Second, is there already a canon character very similar to your character concept? Canon characters are a bit flexible if you discuss it with an admin - face claims are always negotiable, though gender and grade levels are not.

When it comes to canon characters, the face claim listed for each canon is completely negotiable - however - don't forget that they are there for a reason, so please only change them only in moderation. If the character you are applying for has a sibling and you wish to change the PB, just make sure that the face you choose will still slightly resemble the other sibling's.

Once the time comes to fill out the app for any character, remember that the information you write there is free for all characters to read (think of it as being published on the Secret Safe site, or maybe like a school paper), so don't post anything that your character wouldn't say publicly!! While we understand it can be a little difficult to come up with them sometimes, ALL characters must have a secret - it doesn't have to be something life altering, but it does need to be something that the character doesn't want anyone knowing about. The canon characters come equipped with a secret, so keep their's in mind when thinking of your own. Any information on the application that you don't want to be public knowledge can be "hidden" by using the strikethrough bbcode ( [ s ] and [ /s ] ) Staff will contact you if there isn't a secret listed or we think something may have accidentally not been tagged with the strike tag.

Any questions about anything? As always, PM or contact an admin.


Don't forget to stake your claims. While we are not allowing canon reservations (given the comparatively small number of remaining canons), but we are allowing reservations on face claims for OCs, which will last, in full, for 7 days from being posted by the player. In the event that two people are applying for the same canon at the same time, the one who completes the app first will be reviewed first, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be the one to get the canon. Once accepted, don't forget to visit the claims forum and sign up for the sports teams and extracurricular activities, as well as your Secret Safe nickname.


Don't forget to mark your threads as "open" or "private" to prevent people from hopping into a pre-set storyline if you don't want them to. This denotation can easily fit into your thread's title or description. Don't forget that threads don't have to specifically be just for two people; after all, the more the merrier.

Please remember to keep your writing in the third-person format. It keeps our threads nice and uniform. Also, when writing your opening post, try to make it a few paragraphs or at least adhere to our minimal 200 word count. This word count is not set in stone, as sometimes our muses to tend to be downright stubborn, but it helps to keep threads from becoming a mass of one-liners.

When it comes to what a reply looks like we follow one rule -- the rule of reciprocation. Meaning, if someone spends hours writing a massive, thousand-word response, don't reply with barely a paragraph. Just use common sense and courtesy. We all know we can't write twelve-page novellas every post, but just be sure to put some sort of effort into it.

When a thread is finished, please send a pm to an admin with a link to the thread, so it can be moved to the archives. Any thread that goes a month without a reply will be sent to the archives as the admins can get to them. If you happen to notice a dead thread, don't hesitate to inform a staff member.


In the interest of our players, and hopeful players, we would like all of our players to post at least once every two weeks. This will make sure our storylines stay active and don't sit in limbo. If you feel you cannot meet this posting requirement, we ask you to contact staff and we'll see what we can work out. If you'll be taking a leave of absence and won't be able to post, please remember to post in the LOA/MIA board or ask someone else to do it for you, otherwise, you will be subject to the consequences for lack of activity.

Please see the Cbox rules for further information on activity regarding the chat boxes.


It is important that you know the difference between things discussed Out of Character and the events of something In Character. We do not want arguments breaking out over something that happened while roleplaying. So, let me help. In character is something your -character- would do or say. Out of character, is what -you- would say. See the difference? This also applies to what we admins like to call 'Eyebrow Fights'. If you're playing in the cbox and arguing in actions, if it goes too far staff will ask you to stop. Also, if you find something out while reading other peoples’ roleplay on the forum or in the cbox, don’t use the information In Character unless it was blasted on the Secret Safe Tumblr or Gossip Box. Speaking of...

Gossip Column

First off, don't be offended by anything that is posted on either of these. Ever. Chances are a lot of what is posted is bogus, but that's what makes this game so much fun. Feel free to post truth or lies as it would suit your character, and feel free to make up some extravagant screen names. Half of the fun is seeing how creative you can be, either with names or rumors. The only rule? Just have fun!

To post to the Secret Safe Tumblr: You will have to send an ask (more than likely anonymously) to the Secret Safe Tumblr page, located Here. The post (whenever an admin is able to submit it) will appear on the pop-out sidebar located on the left of this site.

To post in the Gossip Box: Currently, we do not have the Gossip Box appearing on the site. There were too many issues of people mistaking it for the OOC box, so in the meantime, should you want to post something as a quick blast while playing in the cbox, you can use the SECRET SAFE name, with no picture, and use the following code for the blast.
[b][big]YourNameHere: YourBlastHere[/big][/b]
I know it seems confusing, but it really isn't. Also, it isn't necessary for you to make blasts on other people.

IC Cbox

For those of you not familiar with an IC Cbox, here's the skinny: it's essentially a miniature chat RP, but it is, on the whole NOT canon. There will be special occasions where the cbox will be canon (which will be denoted in a sticky message at the bottom of the cbox, usually weekends when there is a large 'party' going on). It really helps flesh out characters and get the juices flowing when you're in a rut, but please, please, please don't get in the habit of only posting in the cbox. There are rules listed here about activity and even if we can always check on you, we'd really like to use the honor system here. We cannot stress how important it is to not let the cbox be your only place for writing. We are a forum first and fore-most, and as such we would rather you make threads than spend all day in the cbox. It's meant to be something to kill time between posts, not to flesh out your major story-lines. Those not able to post at least once every two weeks will have their cbox privileges revoked until the issue can be cleared up.

Some more basic rules:
Be polite. Stay in character. Everything that happens in the chatbox is loosely canon, which means that while most things that happen in the cbox are just for fun, real plotting should be done in the threads and not the chat. This is just a good way to flesh out personality, make friendships and further character development in general. When we have our "events" (usually the weekends) all events are taken as canon under otherwise stated.) Remember, if you're talking OOC, use (( << >> )) bubbles of some sort. Don't make Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch.

OOC Cbox

There are no real rules for this one, just be nice to each other. If an admin isn't around in chat, feel free to get their attention in the IC cbox, just remember to use OOC brackets, please. That's all!

Rated "M" for

Being an RP about high school and college, certain questionable acts can and will occur. This is fine, teenage hormones do tend to run rampant, but please, for the sake of our eyes and perhaps our brains, any thread containing a 'mature' theme whether of a violent or sexual nature needs to be tagged [m] in the thread's title. We might even create a 'mature section' in the future, but don't hold your breath. We want this board to still be literary and not just smut-riddled.

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