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Konstantinos V. Theophylaktos


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Oct 8 2012, 04:21 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
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</style><table id="full" cellspacing="0"><tr><td width="100%" id="cell1" valign="top"><div class="maintitle">

Konstantinos Vlasis Theophylaktos

</div><div style="max-height: 194px; overflow: auto;">

<b>Nicknames</b> Gus, Konstantine, Tino,
<br><b>Birthday</b> August 14
<br><b>Birthplace</b> Mykonos, Greece
<br><b>Age</b> 18
<br><b>School You Attend</b> Foreign exchange student to Landsburg
<br><b>Current Grade</b> Senior
<br><b>Height</b> 5'9"
<br><b>Build</b> Solid, athletic, clearly the build of someone who regularly engages in physical labor regularly
<br><b>Distinguishing Features</b> Standing on the short side of an average height, Gus carries a great deal of his weight in his upper body thanks to a great deal of sculpted muscle working on his family's boat. He has a great deal of scars on his person, most prominently he has a rather nasty looking hook-shaped scar on his right bicep that was from an accident while cleaning fish when he as eight. He has a wide-set mouth and very well defined lips. His heavy brow is usually furrowed in confusion considering how ridiculous the people around here can be.
<br><b>Playby</b> Ryan Bertroche <p>
Demitris Theophylaktos (fater), Eleni Theophylaktos, nee Bimakis (mother), Chara Theophylaktos (sister, 16)

</div></td><td id="cell2" valign="top"><img src="" width="250px" height="300px"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" id="cell3"><br><div class="maintitle">The Interview</div><br>

</div><p><div class="q">WHY DON'T WE GET THE BASICS OUT OF THE WAY.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
You will have excuse me. My English is not so good. (He clears his throat; struggling a moment for the words.) My name is Konstantinos Vlasis Theophylaktos. First name is meaning steadfast, constant. I guess it is fitting. My family say I am very reliable and smart. I agree, I suppose. I am not always so level headed, though. I get angry pretty fast and get into lots of fighting. My mother finds it embarassing. Father is proud of me for it? (He thinks on that last statement a moment.) He says it makes me a man; being able to defend the things I believe. Um... I do not like so much when people cannot say my name. Teachers has just settled with calling me Gus. I like it. Is easy for them to say, is easy for me to pick out. First day, though, first thing people is stumble. You know? Like "eu...Teofeeeelapticos". No. No. Just Gus work fine, okay? Okay.
<p>Coming here, making friends is hard. You know nobodies and you know how to talk even less right than mostly. I mean, I like to talk, obviously. (His hands gesture wildly as he explains this part.) But what I am thinking here (he points to his head) and what is coming here to you (he points to his mouth) is not always matching up. I can read, write, and understand English good. Speaking it... not so much, yeah. I am working on it. I just smile a lot. People much nicer if you just smile. (He flashes a large grin to demonstrate his point.)
<p>I play football, or (he imitates an American accent with a sour expression) “soccer”, as middle fields and captain on my tournaments team and I swim a lots because of the working on father’s boats while I growing up. Might as wells get trophies if doing it, you know? I wrestles too. I plays guitar as well. Acoustics picking mostly. Father says it will give me girls. So far, is not work so much.

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU HAD QUITE THE CHILDHOOD...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Was good. Average for where I am from, am guessing. On Mykonos, you run hotel, you have restaurant, or you fish. My family fish and has for very long time, you know? Father's father father father, you know. I was always helping my father on boat growing up and I love it. I have always love being out on the boat or swimming. I know lot of peoples have problem following family business, but I never has. I love it; especially when I got out of schools for it. Who can argue with that, you know? Has always been very normal for me. Study, fish, football. Is no so bad, okay? (He laughs, not really sure what else to say) Grew up with close family.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Five or more of each, please be descriptive.

</div><p><div class="q">HOW ABOUT SOME TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Three or more of each, please be descriptive.

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU'VE GOT SOME NASTY HABITS...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Answer here with bad habits, quirks, etc.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ABOUT PHOBIAS? HAVE ANY OF THOSE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Fears and stuff.

</div><p><div class="q">TERRIFYING! HOW'S THE LOVE LIFE GOING?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Relationship status, sexuality, virginity status, etc.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR GOALS AFTER GRADUATION?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Goals, dreams, and future plans.

</div><p><div class="q">BEFORE WE GO, WHAT'S YOUR BIG SECRET?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
When you write your actual secret, don't forget to use the strike tags or else everyone will know it! Feel free to add some fake/joke secrets or just be surly but do NOT forget to put your secret!

</div><p><div class="q">AND WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON SECRET SAFE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
What do you think about the gossip? Do you know about it? Do you ignore it? Maybe you want people thinking -you- are Secret Safe!

</div><p><div class="q">THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Typical sign-off to end the interview. This is your last chance to show off your personality!

</div><br><br><div class="maintitle">Out Of Character</div><br>

<br><b>Name:</b> Frost<br>
<b>Gender / Age:</b>freshly 26 year old lady<br>
<b>Contact Info:</b> PM me for aim<br>
<b>Other Characters:</b>Yes and you should totes know them all by now<br>
<b>User Title:</b> The F.E.S.<br>

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