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Yearbook Quote: Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
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Samuel Zachariah Hawthorne

Landsburg Sophomore

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Aug 27 2012, 08:04 PM
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</style><table id="full" cellspacing="0"><tr><td width="100%" id="cell1" valign="top"><div class="maintitle">

Samuel Zachariah Hawthorne

</div><div style="max-height: 194px; overflow: auto;">

<b>Nicknames</b> Sammy/Sammie, Sam, Samantha, Samson, Baby Hawthorne, Baby Hulk, Twinky Hawthorne
<br><b>Birthday</b> December 6th
<br><b>Birthplace</b> Honolulu, Hawaii
<br><b>Age</b> 15
<br><b>School You Attend</b> Landsburg
<br><b>Current Grade</b> Sophomore
<br><b>Height</b> 5'10''
<br><b>Build</b> Lean, muscular, runner's build
<br><b>Distinguishing Features</b> Babyface, vivid blue eyes, curly dark blonde hair
<br><b>Playby</b> Justin Barnhill<p>
  • Michael Hawthorne, father
  • Celia Hawthorne nee Petit, mother
  • Gabriel Hawthorne, older brother
  • Paul Hawthorne, older brother
  • Michael Hawthorne, older brother
  • Joshua Hawthorne, older brother
  • Huckleberry, dog
</div></td><td id="cell2" valign="top"><img src="" width="250px" height="300px"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" id="cell3"><br><div class="maintitle">The Interview</div><br>

</div><p><div class="q">WHY DON'T WE GET THE BASICS OUT OF THE WAY.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
What's in a name? Don't ask me. Not quite sure what Samuel or Zachariah means...does it really matter? The nickname Sammy explains itself. Baby Hawthorne and Baby Hulk too since, y'know. I'm the youngest of the Hawthorne litter and people seem to enjoy reminding me of that fact...whatever. *shrugs*
I'm fifteen, going on sixteen soon. No worries about me throwing a tantrum about getting a corvette in black when I asked for candy apple red. I'm actually a laid back person. A bit introspective and inquisitive sometimes. I also admit I have a hard time of just doing what I'm told to do by my dad and brothers without questioning it if it doesn't sit well with me. I don't know what else I'm supposed to say about myself...I'm awesome? I've got good looks, good health, money. Sure no one's perfect but I'm a pretty damn good package. Ladies, feel free to call me...maybe. Yeah, that was bad but you love it. *grins*

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU HAD QUITE THE CHILDHOOD...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I can't complain. I was born in Honolulu but I am an army brat. The family picked up and left there when I was about 3 years old and we've lived in a lot of places before pops settled us here in Chicago a couple years ago. Been many places, met lots of people. I've always had what I needed and I generally got what I wanted. I admit that being the youngest in the family does have it's perks of the doting and getting away with crap my brothers couldn't. Trust me, these bright blue puppy eyes got put to use a lot. I was a little hell raiser in my younger years but I've mellowed out since then...most of the time anyway. *laughs a bit*

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Junk food, Video games,Swimming, running, just being active in general when I'm not in a bout of laziness. I'm also into music. I do know how to play the violin along with alto, tenor baritone and bass saxophones and I know a little piano. My taste of music is eclectic. I can appreciate music from across the spectrum of generes. Though I try not to play Christina Aguilera at home when my dad's around...that's like a death wish.
As for what I don't like? Well...I'm not a fan of school work. I do it and I make the grades, but I would much rather be playing some Gears of Wars or putting some time in the weight room than solving equations. I don't like those commercials with Sarah Mclachlan playing over footage of depressed and abused animals. Tugging at the heart strings way too much, though it does guilt trips me into spoiling Huckleberry whenever I see one. I'm not too fond of losing, know-it-alls and I don't like peppers. Serve me a dish with them in it and I won't even touch the plate.

</div><p><div class="q">HOW ABOUT SOME TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Like...what I find attractive? Well, personality is always good...but don't take that as I'll date a whale just because they're nice. But don't get me wrong, a chick does need to have meat on her bones. That whole heroin chic thing isn't for me either. Size 0 equals death in my mind, sorry. Also I'm not a fan of the bitchy just to be bitchy types, scandalous hoes...I don't do gold diggers either. I have the funds, but I'm not paying anyone's bills.

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU'VE GOT SOME NASTY HABITS...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Who said that? Nothing to be really shamed of. I'm not the most punctual person in the world. I love my sleep and since I have to get up so damn early in the morning for school and because I have practices for my sports and band, I try to snag it whenever I can. One of my teachers joke that I have narcolepsy in her class...that's not the case at all. It doesn't help that she's just boring so I doze. *laughs* I sing in the shower a lot or when I'm alone. Though I have to be weary of exactly what I sing in case dad and Gabe are lurking within earshot.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ABOUT PHOBIAS? HAVE ANY OF THOSE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Not really scared of anything but sometimes I see my pops as Fire Lord Ozai and Gabe may as well be a male Azula so I try not to earn their wrath. If you don't know who Ozai and Azula are, watch more Avatar the Last Airbender. Awesome series.

</div><p><div class="q">TERRIFYING! HOW'S THE LOVE LIFE GOING?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Like Utada Hikaru, it's simple and clean.Don't get that reference? Go play Kingdom Hearts.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR GOALS AFTER GRADUATION?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Who knows. Dad likes to tell us exactly what our paths are but I'm not sure if I want to follow whatever plans he'll have for's complicated. I do plan on going to college though so...*shrugs*

</div><p><div class="q">BEFORE WE GO, WHAT'S YOUR BIG SECRET?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I steal. Yeah, I'm a bit of a klepto and a fan of 5 finger discounts. Oh well. You can say it's my way of acting out because I don't like how controlling my dad is. I mean, instead of letting Mike go to college, he sent him to the army and by proxy, Afghanistan. That act has put dad on my shit list.

</div><p><div class="q">AND WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON SECRET SAFE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I don't really care of it's existence, though I won't lie. I do look on it. I even printed out that story on Mike trying to fork Gaston and framed it. It was gold.

</div><p><div class="q">THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Sayonara, folks!

</div><br><br><div class="maintitle">Out Of Character</div><br>

<br><b>Name:</b> Tif<br>
<b>Gender / Age:</b> XY chromosome, Twenty three<br>
<b>Contact Info:</b> Yall got it<br>
<b>Other Characters:</b> I've got a nice little collection<br>
<b>User Title:</b> The Attention Seeker<br>

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