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Elliot Archibald Masterson

Masterson Junior

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Aug 5 2012, 12:04 PM
[dohtml]<style type="text/css">
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</style><table id="full" cellspacing="0"><tr><td width="100%" id="cell1" valign="top"><div class="maintitle">

Elliot Archibald Masterson

</div><div style="max-height: 194px; overflow: auto;">

<b>Nicknames</b> Eli
<br><b>Birthday</b> June Third
<br><b>Birthplace</b> Chicago, Illinois
<br><b>Age</b> Seventeen
<br><b>School You Attend</b> Masterson
<br><b>Current Grade</b> Junior
<br><b>Height</b> 5'8"
<br><b>Build</b> Lanky, puny.
<br><b>Distinguishing Features</b> Tall and lanky, Eli has messy brown hair and dark brown eyes. Wears glasses most of the time. Couldn't grow facial hair to save his life.
<br><b>Playby</b> Christopher Mintz-Plasse <p>
<p><b>Family</b> <br>
Archibald Masterson IV (Father)<br>
Julianne Engalls-Masterson (Mother, Divorced)<br>
Archibald Masterson V (Older Brother)

</div></td><td id="cell2" valign="top"><img src="" width="250px" height="300px"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" id="cell3"><br><div class="maintitle">The Interview</div><br>

</div><p><div class="q">WHY DON'T WE GET THE BASICS OUT OF THE WAY.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Elliot Archibald Masterson.  That's right, Masterson.  I'm the great-great grandson of Archibald Masterson, the founder of Masterson Prep.  Elliott was just a name my mother liked, I suppose and clearly Archibald is after my great-great grandfather. <p>
Well, I clearly attend Masterson, since I come from a family of old money and lots of it.  And I'm the great-great grandson of the school's founder.  I'm a sophomore and one of the top dogs there.  I'm extremely selective about who my friends are, only the best of the best can hang out with me.  I'm sixteen years old.  I'm a pretty average height, a little bit skinny, but I would do me.  I unfortunately wear glasses but I'm thinking about getting contacts, then all the babes will really want me.  Not that they don't now, but then all of them will. <p>
I'm a smart kid, one of the smartest at Masterson.  I'm not athletic but I make up for it in other areas.  I'm a well liked guy, one of my best friends is Dorian Greyson.  Everyone wants to be friends with me.  I mean, why wouldn't they.  I'm in a lot of clubs at Masterson, I don't associate with those Landsburg lowlifes.  That's not who I am.  I'm very exclusive and selective like I said before.  I'm very driven to succeed and I always do.

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU HAD QUITE THE CHILDHOOD...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I was born and raised on the Gold Coast.  I have an older brother Archibald, he goes by Sterling though, he's 21 and goes to Harvard.  Dad's pretty proud of him, I make dad proud too.  Though sometimes he asks me why I don't have more friends, he says I should be more popular like my brother was.  But other than that he's really proud of me.  <p>
My parents got divorced when I was ten. My dad's a cheater, always has been, always will be. I don't hate him though, I did for a couple of years when I was younger. My mom had moved to New York for a few years with her new husband, but he cheated on her too. She ended up moving back during my freshman year. She nags, a lot. I go over there for what are supposed to be weekly dinners, but sometimes I skip them. She's just too much to handle sometimes. Not like my dad is much better, but his nagging comes a little less than my mom's.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
  • Babes- What's not to like?
  • Science
  • Partying
  • Business
  • Debate Club
  • Being popular
  • Dumb people
  • Slackers
  • Christmas- I'm a Jew.
  • Snuggies- The most annoying invention ever.
  • Landsburg and all the people who work/go to school there.
  • My therapist
</div><p><div class="q">HOW ABOUT SOME TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
    Turn Ons
  • Babes and boobs. Self-explanatory, right?
  • Being in control. I don't like when the girl is in control, I should have all of the control. All of it.
  • Short girls. I like to be taller, I just feel more in control.
    Turn Offs
  • Poor girls/Landsie girls. I think they're just dirty. Plus, I don't want any gold diggers.
  • Dominant women. It just rubs me the wrong way. I don't believe women should have more power.
  • Hairy girls. Is there much to explain?
</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU'VE GOT SOME NASTY HABITS...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Uh, no. I'm perfect. -Totally straight face because he's serious.- I'm a straight A student, everyone loves me. I have no bad habits, well actually I chew a lot of gum so that's sort of one.<p>

<b>OOC:</b> Clearly Elliot is an egotist and thinks he's a lot better than he is.  This would be his main bad habit and personality fault.  He thinks that since he's the great-great grandson of Archibald Masterson everyone loves him and it entitles him to being the king of the school, which he's not.  He thinks he is though.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ABOUT PHOBIAS? HAVE ANY OF THOSE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Santa Claus, it's another reason I dislike Christmas. He's kind of creepy, coming down your chimney and eating your food. Hide yo cookies, hide yo milk. Just kidding, but I really do find him a little scary. I don't trust anyone with a beard that large.

</div><p><div class="q">TERRIFYING! HOW'S THE LOVE LIFE GOING?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I'm keeping my options open.  Totally not a virgin, not a virgin at all.<p>

<b>OOC:</b> Elliott is a total virgin, he lies to everyone and tells everyone he slept with Kayla at a party one time and she denies it constantly but he insists they did and continues to tell everyone even though pretty much no one believes him.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR GOALS AFTER GRADUATION?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I'll probably go into business, it's what I like the best.  I plan on attending Harvard just like my older brother. I'll have no problem getting in, none at all.  I'll probably end up taking over Masterson Industries.

</div><p><div class="q">BEFORE WE GO, WHAT'S YOUR BIG SECRET?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
My secrets are none of your business. I began seeing a therapist a few months ago, finally giving into my father's demands. I meet with her once a week, and she has recently diagnosed me with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I'm anything but accepting of the diagnosis and I've started skipping my therapy sessions. Unfortunately for everyone, there's no medication to treat the disorder. Talk therapy is really the only treatment. My family has been trying to push me back into therapy.

</div><p><div class="q">AND WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON SECRET SAFE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I find it rather entertaining. There's nothing better than idiots doing something stupid and getting called out for it.

</div><p><div class="q">THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Yeah, thanks for wasting mine.

</div><br><br><div class="maintitle">Out Of Character</div><br>

<br><b>Name:</b> Bridget<br>
<b>Gender / Age:</b>Female/22<br>
<b>Contact Info:</b> PM, AIM<br>
<b>Other Characters:</b> Kayla Adams and Brittany Marshall<br>
<b>User Title:</b> The Unwarranted Egotist<br>

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