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Posted by: Secret Safe Jul 5 2012, 07:12 PM
The SS Lexicon
This is where you can find the many "nicknames" used in the gossip box and blasts for those newbies looking to get caught up on the lastest dirt.
#181818 COLLEGE
#562626 RESIDENT
<br>[color=COLORCODE][b]First Middle Last[/b][/color] SS Codename


Benedict Maxwell Warren BMW
Brittany Elle Marshall Sorostitute
Ceren Ebio Sahin Mini Delight; MD
Collin Tatum Yates Broody Brit; BB
Camden Dakota Bleeker Junkyard Dog
Dorian Michael Greyson Big D; D
Emerson Johann Krauss Toto
Gale Corrine Warren GW
Gaston William Schroder Gas Bill
Jasmine Charde Adair Ghetto Barbie; Japanegro
Katherine Annalise Buchanan Little Landsie; LL
Kayla Elise Adams Town Bicycle; TB
Keegan Nicole Burr Fat Camp
Kimberly Adrienne Crawford TitLips
Kismet Jendayi Sahin Turkish Delight
Leona Ariel Darling Ice Queen; A
Marilyn Hope Larkin Drugerella
Melissa Catraoine Prince Purity Princess
Michael Lee Hawthorne Hulk
Victoria Helene Williams Red

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