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 SCHULYER, Reese Matthew, The Gay Shark
Reese Matthew Schulyer
 Posted: Oct 8 2012, 07:30 PM
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The Gay Shark



Reese Matthew Schulyer
Nicknames Re, R.M., Cockwhore, Skank, Bitch
Birthday April 20th
Birthplace Chicago
Age 17
School You Attend Landsburg
Current Grade Junior
Height 6 foot
Build Muscular
Distinguishing Features He has the face on an angel,many people get put off by it. He has beautiful honey brown eyes underneath thick eyebrows that block out more than the sun. His face is toned, his lips full, he has the face of a model.
Playby Dave Franco

Family Samantha Schulyer- Mother, 43.

Franklin Schulyer- Father, 38 (parents are divorced)

The Interview

My name is Reese, maybe my mother like peanut butter cups a lot; I am not even sure. My mom use to call me her "Peanut Buttercup", so maybe she use to eat them a lot when she was pregnant with me, before she ran my dad off. Anyway, I am 17 years old and I go to Landsburg High School; where I am a junior. My appearance -smirks- Well looking at me you know that I am hot, fuck, I am sexy. My face is perfect with my honey brown eyes, my perfect eyebrows, my nose, and my lips. Which might I add are the best lips you will ever fucking taste in your entire life -winks- But of course, you can see all that.

My personality, well, let's just put it this way. I am the nicest person you will ever meet, unless you are ugly, poor, or an asshole to me. Don't piss me off, it's the golden rule of being in my world. I am a great guy, but an even better lover. Which half of the men in this town have had the privaledge of sharing my bed, kitchen counter, back yard, hot tub, etc and they loved every minute of it. Yes, some call me a whore but I like the term, sexual deviant. .

I had the best childhood, until my bitch of a mom had to go and ruin it when I was eight. She fucked everything up in her marriage and then my dad ran out on us, my life was perfect until that day. I love my dad, he was my hero in every way. He caught her having sex with some college guy, in their bed. He didn't stay around long after that and he said he couldn't raise a child on my own, especially since my mom has all this money. She could hire Johnny Cochran if she chose to and she would have gotten me. So he left and I hear from him on Holidays, but he has this new family now and they have my perfect life. Yes, I fucking hate my mom.

White Chocolate: It is the best thing I can put in my mouth, well, besides cock. I hate Milk Chocolate and white chocolate is the ONLY kind that I will eat, it is so good and I better stop before I get a hard on.

Cock: Well, I love a nice cock in my mouth or ass. What can I say, it's almost as good as white chocolate.

Sex: See above. I love sex, I have to have it at least twice a day, three times if I don't wanna jerk off that day.

Older Men: I guess I have daddy issues or some shit, but never that old. Like college aged maybe a little older sometimes.

My Life: I have a perfect life, besides my dad leaving me. I love it and wouldn't change it for anything.

My Mom: As you know already, I really dislike her. Not hate, I suppose. I just do not like her, we hardly talk.

Fake People: I dislike people who cannot be themselves or act like they are better than me, because no one is, let's face it

Ignorant People: Ugh, let me count the ways I hate them. I do not understand how some people can be so closed minded especially when it comes to things like sexuality. I mean it's American people nor Iraq.

Dark chocolate: It taste like literal shit, I fucking hate it. My mom tries to get me to eat it, saying it's better for me and shit, but I hate it. I would not kiss anyone who eats the shit.

Fast Food: Just ew, I don't see how people can eat it. Anything I eat is organic and delicious, not filled with enough grease to kill me before I am 30.

Biting: Goddamn, that turns me on more than anything. Like when a guy bites my bottom lip when we make out. Instant full on boner.

Hair Pulling: I like it rough what can I say

Well Dressed Man: I love a man that can dress and is clean, granted I love bad boys too but good hygiene is important and a turn on!

Ugly People: Turn off, major. I don't see why people just don't get plastic surgery if they are so ugly. I don't understand. This also accounts for inside ugliness, I do not like rude people, who are rude for no reason.

Smoking: I do not like kissing someone who smokes, it is disgusting. I do not like fucking ashtrays, Ok? Ok.

Bad Teeth: I do not kiss or do anything with a man that has bad teeth, I mean if you can't take care of your teeth, how can you take care of me?

I guess one of my nasty habits is that I am a whore, that is the only "bad" thing that I do. I don't smoke or bite my nails. So yeah, being a whore, such a bad habit. -rolls eyes-

Being alone, that is something that scares the shit out of me. I don't like being alone or sleeping alone. It's scary, I feel that I am alone sometimes and I start to panic. I don't like it.

I am single and gay. Trust me, I am no virgin, I have slept with my fair share of men in this town.

I wanna work at Vogue, sure that might be a little gay, but I like Fashion. Or maybe an Actor. I just want to move to New York City and find myself in the City that Never Sleeps, it has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid.

I sleep with every guy that my mom brings home to go on date with, I will do anything to ruin her happiness like she ruined mine That I am a big ole whore, I am sure that is a secret to some, right?

Gossip makes the world go round, especially in this day and age. I mean look around, lots of sites on the internet are for celebrity gossip. I love gossip, it keeps people on their toes.

You are very welcome, I hope you enjoyed talking to me, I am pretty sure that you did. -waves and walks out-

Out Of Character

Name: Topher
Gender / Age: 26.
Contact Info: aim:yugirebel, skyper: rebboicms. PM on here
Other Characters: Nope
User Title: The Gay Shark

Roleplay Sample
Today it happened again, Reese thought that he was going to be a good boy today, he had planned on it, but that was until he saw the man that walked through his front door. He was gorgeous, with a capital G. Another college aged guy, that was going to dinner with him mom. He rolled his eyes at the man, the one sitting across from him right now in the living room, as his mom took a shower, wanting to make the man wait; so of course she could make some big, fucking entrance in a dress that was way too tight for a woman her age. Reese watched the man, the way he looked around the room, he was nervous, making Reese smirk. He stood up and walked up behind the man, starting to massage the man's shoulder. "What are you doing?" asked the guy, moving away, a face full of confusion stared at Reese. To which he just smiled and moved back closer. "You look very nervous and tense, I am here to relax you. My mother hates men that are nervous, she will say goodnight to you before you even leave the house. You don't want that now do you?" asked Reese turning the boy around and massaging his shoulder again. The guy let him this time, he could feel him tense up at the touch but finally let himself give in. "I mean, you do like what I am doing to you right now right?" asked Reese, his massaging going lower, down the boys back.

Reese knew the boy was nervous, but his thoughts where only on making this boy relaxed, it was the least he could do for the poor guy. He listened, the shower was still running. He had at least twenty minutes, he lowered his hands to the small of the man's back, the man tensed. Reese smirked, this was going to be too fun. "Relax, guy" said Reese massaging the boys hips, as he moved his hands to the man's crotch, he felt a semi-hardon. "Well, seems like your cock is really liking this" said Reese as the guy quickly moved away. "I am not gay!" the guy said, his face red and full of confusion. "I didn't say you where. Let me put it to you this way. My mom is not going to let you have anything from her tonight, she puts that off for the third date, but right now. I will jerk you off, or I will give you the best blow job of your life. You don't have to be gay, a mouth is a mouth" said Reese dropping to his knees in front of the man, looking up as he unzipped the pants, reaching in and pulling out the semi hard cock. He smiled looking up before taking the entire cock down his throat. Moans filled the room, a smirk appeared of his face. He was going to ruin another date for his mom, this guy would never want a woman again after this and that made him smile.

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 Posted: Oct 8 2012, 09:05 PM
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