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 Meet the Family, Joshie~
Ceren Ebio Sahin
 Posted: Nov 6 2012, 06:56 PM
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The Daddy's Girl

"Ah, when to the heart of man Was it ever less than a treason To go with the drift of things, To yield with a grace to reason, And bow and accept the end Of a love or a season?"


I am Titanium
Fire Away, Fire Away
The kitchen was filled with the smells of cooking foods, the rich aroma pervading every inch. Ceren was at the stove, finishing up some last minute touches on the mashed potatoes that she had decided to make along with the steak. There were some rolls baking in the oven as well as she mixed in a bit more butter to the mashed potatoes. Dana, one of the servants that normally helped her father out with dinner, was standing at the doorway, fiddling a bit. Ever since she had come back to her fathers house this evening and announced that instead of Dana cooking the meal she would, the dark haired woman was fussing. She was one of those workers that didn’t like to sit on the side. Her job was to cook for her father and so Ceren cooking was taking away her job for the evening. Smiling at Dana, she went over to her and hugged her. “Honest Dana, you can go home for the evening. I have this all handled.” The woman gave her a bit of a once over and then finally admitted defeat, nodding and grabbing her things before heading out. Her papa was upstairs, finishing up some last minute work before dinner. He was always working so hard that she felt lucky to even convince him to step away from it for even a moment. The second she had told him that Josh was coming over though, that had grabbed all of his attention. He had listened intently and had even insisted that she make sure he stop working early so that way he could be there to meet her boyfriend.

Her father had a tendency of wanting to check over the people that his daughters dated. A series of questions and cleverly placed glares were sure to accompany this evenings meal as her father checked Josh over and gave approval or not. In some ways Josh had it harder than Mike had. Ceren was the baby of the family and also a major daddys girl. If her father didn’t approve of Josh the poor Hawthorne boy would definitely know it by the end of this meal. She herself would also know. Part of her was of course worried about two people she cared so much about meeting and possibly not liking each other, but for the most part she was positive that they would get along just fine. Her father was mainly looking to see if the person she was dating would treat her right. It wasn’t enough for her to tell him that though. He had to actually see it for himself. Turning the stove off and taking the rolls out of the oven, she glanced at the clock on the microwave to check the time and her eyes widened in surprise. Josh was going to be here soon and she hadn’t even changed yet. “Crapppp!” she muttered out, placing the food on the side and then quickly exiting the kitchen and scampering over to the staircase. Her heels clicked lightly on the steps as she hurried up them and over to her room that was on the second floor.

Once in her room, she kicked off the heels she had one currently, already shrugging out of the shirt and jeans. There were a bunch of dresses and skirts and other fancier clothes hanging in her closet that she could choose from but a particular blue dress caught her attention and she took it off the hanger, placing it down on her bed before snatching a pair of navy blue stilettos to match the dress. The dress itself was the same shade, with a V neckline and showed off her curves perfectly. Running her hands down her sides to straighten out any wrinkles in the dress, she took a slight glance in the mirror and gave a nod in approval before adding the necklace he had given to her as a last touch. Heading back down the hall she bumped into her father, who looked utterly hopeless as he fussed with his tie. “Oh papa..” she laughed softly and went over to him, lightly swatting his hands away and taking hold of the tie to help him tie it. He gave her a thankful look, speaking to her in Turkish since for the rest of the evening he would have to speak in English. Patting him lightly on the chest when the tie was tied, she looped her arm with his and walked back downstairs with him.

Shooing her papa to go sit in the dining room, she went to check on the food one last time, making sure everything was done and tasting how it was supposed to before going over to the door and waiting for Josh. He should be there any minute.

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