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Yearbook Quote: Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.
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Kira Ashlynn Lansdowne

Landsburg Junior

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Jul 11 2012, 06:34 PM
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</style><table id="full" cellspacing="0"><tr><td width="100%" id="cell1" valign="top"><div class="maintitle">

Kira Ashylnn Lansdowne

</div><div style="max-height: 218px; overflow: auto;">

<b>Nicknames</b> Kir, Kiki, Xena
<br><b>Birthday</b> August 28th
<br><b>Birthplace</b> Chicago, Illinois
<br><b>Age</b> Sixteen
<br><b>School You Attend:</b> Landsburg
<br><b>Current Grade:</b> Junior
<br><b>Height</b> 5'10''
<br><b>Build</b> Slender, athletic
<br><b>Distinguishing Features</b> Kira's stand out features are her wide and bright blue eyes and a set of full supple lips. She has long blonde hair with dark roots. She also wears a pair of glasses for reading and studying.
<br><b>Playby</b> Xenia Tchoumitcheva <p>
  • Maxine Lansdowne nee' George (Mother)
  • Greg Lansdowne (Father)
  • Meridith Lansdowne nee' Ford (Step Mother)
</div></td><td id="cell2" valign="top"><img src="" width="250px" height="300px"></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" id="cell3"><br><div class="maintitle">The Interview</div><br>

</div><p><div class="q">WHY DON'T WE GET THE BASICS OUT OF THE WAY.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Kira Ashlynn Lansdowne. Don't ask me why my parents named me that. If you want to know the meaning, there are plenty of name sites across the web. Yay for Google, am I right?
You know I really don't like talking about myself but let me see. I'm sixteen years old. I'm in pretty good shape so there's no embarrassment for me about slipping into a bathing suit. I mean what else is there for me to say? I'm a pretty nice person? I have a bitch switch like a lot of people and can get rowdy...I didn't get the nickname Xena: Warrior Princess for nothing. But over all I try to be good and courteous to other people.

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU HAD QUITE THE CHILDHOOD...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
It was alright. My family lived comfortably since my dad is in the military, so we moved a couple times and yet somehow I ended up back here where I was born. Many times I've had to turn down hanging out with my friends because I had things to do around the house and I had to look after my mom when she got sick. Having to maintain the house while my dad sucked but I didn't mind it. She took care of me before her stroke, so of course I did whatever I could to help her.
So that leads to the present. My father decided to just dump my mom off in a nursery home. Then we had a falling out and I left home. I'm trying to keep myself together and I still visit my mom. My dad? Well he moved to a new home across the city and is apparently married to another woman now according to Facebook. Sad how Facebook has basically become a site for public records.

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR LIKES AND DISLIKES?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Volleyball. I like playing sports and being active in general, but Volleyball is a personal love of mine. It's also hard for me to resist White Chocolate Chip Macadamia nut Cookies, Icees, really, I love sunsets. Its some amazing imagery. My friends of course and uh...Life? Yeah it sucks hard sometimes but it's what you make of it in the end. I've also got a soft spot for kids too. It's the reason I want to be a pediatrician so I can help them out, y'know?
What I don't like? I have no tolerance for domestic abuse. At all. Physical and verbal assault against spouses and children is a major berserk button for me. So are people who force themselves on others. I'm not a fan of tomatoes. I can eat tomato sauce and ketchup, but I don't like them raw on my burgers or in salads and such. Don't like sappy romantic films. Like, I rather squeeze lemon juice in my eye than watch The Notebook. Not a huge fan of dubstep. Oh yeah, I don't like my father. The man and I have never seen eye to eye and now we don't see each other at all, so good riddance.

</div><p><div class="q">HOW ABOUT SOME TURN ONS AND TURN OFFS?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
What is this? An interview for
Honestly I'm simple in this department. If a guy is in shape, genuine, respectful and caring, then he is good in my book. As for offs, I don't like people who are heartless, so definitely do not need to be dating any assholes. A guy can be physically attractive and look like a Greek god, but I could never develop anything with them if they have an ugly personality.

</div><p><div class="q">I HEAR YOU'VE GOT SOME NASTY HABITS...</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
Can't say that I do. I pick at my nails when I'm bored. Sometimes I'm just really moody. I have enough sense to just walk away to cool off, but I can say some pretty hurtful things when I'm angry that I sometimes regret later.
</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ABOUT PHOBIAS? HAVE ANY OF THOSE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I know I come off as pretty independent but I've always been scared of being in the world completely alone. I kind of have a tendency to shut people off when I'm having a rough time, mainly because I don't want them worrying about me, but I wouldn't want to completely lose the people I care about.
Also, I hate snakes. I got bit by a rattle snake when I was younger while camping with my dad and mom. So yeah, hate them with a passion.

</div><p><div class="q">TERRIFYING! HOW'S THE LOVE LIFE GOING?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
That's kind of personal. But I'm not attached to any guys nor am I really looking, question?

</div><p><div class="q">WHAT ARE YOUR MAJOR GOALS AFTER GRADUATION?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
College of course, studying pre-med and then off to medical school to be a pediatrician. What

</div><p><div class="q">BEFORE WE GO, WHAT'S YOUR BIG SECRET?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
I've really got nothing to hide.
I know I use my dad putting my mom in a nursery home and our arguments as my excuses to why I left and didn't move with him. I wouldn't intentionally put myself on the streets. I had to get away from him. Apparently since my mom couldn't have sex after her stroke paralyzed her, he thought it was a good idea to start touching me. I would try to fight back, but of course he always got his way after beating me. I know a lot of girls and boys find themselves trapped in that kind of situation, but I wasn't going to be one of them, so I left.<p>
Why don't I just go to another relative's home? Well, my dad is such an asshole he basically alienated us away from the rest of the family so I just have myself to rely on.

</div><p><div class="q">AND WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON SECRET SAFE?</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
It is what it is. It's really no worse than blogs that put a celebrity's business on blast. Just like how most celebrities choose to ignore Perez Hilton, I choose to ignore Secret Safe. There are more important things in life to focus on and worry about than a gossip site.

</div><p><div class="q">THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.</div><div class="fda"></div><div class="fdb">
No problem. Peace out.

</div><br><br><div class="maintitle">Out Of Character</div><br>

<br><b>Name:</b> Tif<br>
<b>Gender / Age:</b> I haz a weewee and I'm twenty three.<br>
<b>Contact Info:</b> PM or AIM~<br>
<b>Other Characters:</b> Jasmine Asano, Marcelle Hernandez, Noelle Knight, Giselle de Veilmo, Sam Hawthorne<br>
<b>User Title:</b> The Homeless One<br>
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